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Double moisturizing: what it is and why it works

Nov 29, 2019

Your skin’s natural ability to retain moisture is at its strongest during your twenties and gradually lessens during the aging process. As you get older, it becomes more important to hydrate your skin with external sources like lotion and moisturizing regimens.

One way to preserve youthful-looking skin is to protect against dryness. In other words, moisture is crucial to cosmetics. Moisturizing prevents the unwanted effects of skin dryness: from chapping to sensitive skin and inflammation.

Providing your body with much-needed moisture and keeping it there is essential to healthy, youthful skin.

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What is double moisturizing?

Similar to double cleansing, double moisturizing is a skincare routine unique to Japan. The two methods together form the basis of Kanebo Cosmetics’ skincare approach.

First, double cleansing removes makeup, dirt, and pollutants. Then, double moisturizing preserves the skin’s moisture after double-cleansing. The moisture is applied in two stages, first as a moisturizing lotion and second as an emulsion or cream.

Why is double moisturizing more effective than single moisturizing?

The outer layer of the skin surface forms a barrier in two ways:

 1. It prevents bacteria from entering the body and inhibits irritation caused by chemical substances and ultraviolet rays.
 2. It maintains an ideal moisture level inside the skin by preventing moisture in the body from evaporating.

The outer layer has a natural double-moisturizing mechanism of its own, which also works in two ways:

 1. Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) contained in keratin cells absorb water from the atmosphere and draw it into the skin.
 2. Intercellular lipids in the outer layer provide oil to prevent the moisture from evaporating.

One of the goals of double moisturizing is to complement the natural moisturizing functions of the outer layer of your skin. So we moisturize with a lotion followed by an emulsion or cream. To work as it should, a moisturizing lotion needs ingredients that mimic the water-soluble moisturizing NMF in the outer layer cells and gather moisture inside them.

Emulsions and creams are rich in oils that function much like the natural intercellular lipids of the skin. These substances wrap around the cells to prevent moisture in the outer layer from escaping.

Simply put, moisturizing lotion and emulsions and creams condition the skin to a plump, youthful tone by supplementing the double moisturizing functions of your skin’s natural moisturizing processes.

Double moisturizing is essential in any skincare routine to protect against dryness and the unwanted effects of the aging process.

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